Educational Initiative

We are determined to know and to love the child, adolescent and youth as a unique individual. We create for them a family environment, with an attitude of cordial and serene donation, of humble and generous service, of respect to the dignity and freedom of each. This in turn establishes a sense of ownership.

We are in favor of positive interrelationships, we encourage personal and group integration and we propitiate the acquisition of personal habits and behaviors that would help them to be in peace with themselves, with their personal history and with the others respective histories.

We reject and eliminate any type of discrimination at Casa Hogar. We’ll cultivate self-control and discipline as a form of respect to themselves and respect to others. This assists in achieving a high level of social integration.

We work so that the children acquire all necessary tools to easily integrat back into society. We promote the development of work and study habits that make them mature in their intellectual growth and help them incorporate more easily in the working world. Casa Hogar tries hard to imbed habits of hygiene, labor, responsibility, punctuality, order, presentation, good manners, team work, honesty etc.

We look for the good health and the appropriate physical development, instilling in them the love for sports and physical activities. We look forward to the development of their creativity with manual and artistic activities.

We cultivate the love for their cultural traditions and we promote the learning and use
of present-day technology.

Been concient of the responsibility that for us means the care of their soul and spiritual life, we look forward to create a rich atmosphere of evangelical values that invite them to live them in a personal way. We firmly believe that the catechism should be translated in real Christian life

We promote the practice of mercy and we prepare and nurture the participation to the sacraments helping the child know and to love Jesus, Mary and to the Beatus Elisabetta Renzi as behavior models.

Casa Hogar facilitates the personal self-knowledge that allows them to identify their aptitudes and preferences guiding them gradually to the taking of vital decisions in their life.
We are conscience that when forming each child, adolescent and youth that we are forming the moms, dads, educators of the future.